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Parents are the first educators of our students and our partners in education. Our parents are dedicated, unselfish, and supportive. They work hard and make daily sacrifices for their children to attend Epiphany. They are vital to the everyday operation of Epiphany Catholic School.

Our Parent Teacher Organization

Our PTO is an important part of the Epiphany community. The main functions of the parent – teacher organization are to:

  • Raise funds for the school’s current operational expenses
  • To promote parental support for the school program
  • To increase mutual understanding between school and parents

Our Parent Teacher Association Board


 Vice President

Mauricio Lucero


Abraham Gomez

Patty Pol
Teacher Representatives

Gaby Negrete 

Father Alex

 Member at Large

Member at Large

 Member at Large

 Member at Large

 Member at Large

Eva Muro
Member at Large

 Member at Large